Fiction: Pale Sire

There were two concrete pylons topped with lanterns and wrapped in strings of blue Christmas lights; they flanked the narrow dirt path off to the left of the car, seeming incongruous against the backdrop of close, moss-hung trees whose forms were starting to turn black in the twilight. “I’m guessing this is probably it,” Evie … More Fiction: Pale Sire

Fiction: Candlelight

Carson was drunk, but not so drunk that he didn’t know it was time to get the hell out of there. What’s-her-name—the girlfriend of the guy who owned the house—was drunk too, and she’d cornered him in one of the upstairs bedrooms. She tasted like eggnog and pine-scented aerosol spray; her panties were black with … More Fiction: Candlelight

Fiction: Winter House

Upon opening her eyes, Lorna would always see the same thing: The floors, the walls, the ceiling, all sparkling with frost in the darkness like the inside of a candy sugar house, still and white and glinting in the light of the silver moon. Icicles dangling like delicate blown glass, reflecting her image in miniature, … More Fiction: Winter House

Fiction: The Expulsion

“Thanks for calling CastOutCo, we’re steamin’ mad at demons. How can I help you?” “I’m not sure whether I should be calling or not.” Father Buck rolled his eyes, aiming another pencil at the ceiling tiles. “What seems to be the problem?” “It’s my son. I don’t know where to turn…” The woman started talking, and Buck … More Fiction: The Expulsion

Fiction: Acacia

by Jenny Ashford “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” The doorbell rang. “Too late now, isn’t it?” Debra laughed ruefully. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Kevin answered the door. Anna stood there, dark hair pulled into a bun, bottle of wine in hand. “Sorry, I just remembered she probably can’t drink this.” Debra, standing behind … More Fiction: Acacia